CM asksd K-Electric not to resort to unannounced load-shedding


Special Correspondent

Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Fazul-ur-Rehman has urged K-Electric not to resort to unannounced load-shedding in the city.
He issued these directives on Thursday while pressing over meeting a joint meeting of K-Electric and Sindh Energy Department at CM House here on Thursday.
The meeting was attended by Principal Secretary CM Sohail Rajput, Chairman K-Electric Board, Tayyab Tareen, Director K-Electric (External Affairs) Asmer Naeem, Sepcial Secretary Energy Department Rashid Kazi and Tariq Shah Director Energy Department.
He said that there should be uninterrupted power supply in the city and no unannounced loads-shedding be resorted in the city. “Whatever the problems or issued the K-Electric has would have taken care of,” he said.
Chairman K-Electric, Tayyab Tareen told the chief minister that the power demand during peak hour of holy month reached to 3500 MW while it was 3200 during the Ramzan of 2017.The chief minister was told that the SSGC was providing 190 mmcfd gas to KE, therefore all its gas-based power plants were operating at their full capacity. It was also pointed out that over all seven hours load-shedding was resorted to in the city.The chief minister said that the process for general election was going on in full swing.
The election staff has also been mobilized, therefore necessary measure be taken to reduce load-shedding duration, he added.

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