Close the gates..!

A colony I know very well decided to install close circuit cameras all over, on their compound walls, on buildings tops, at entrances, and wherever they could mount one. “We will be the safest colony in the city!” the chairman bragged to me, as he looked at various quotes that lay on his table. “Would you like to see the places where our cameras will be installed?” I nodded and chairman took me for a tour of his buildings. “You have many gates,” I said at the end of the tour.
“Yes, “ he said, “Six!” “I noticed you have watchmen only at two of them!” I said. “That’s right,” said the chairman proudly, “But we will have cameras at all the other gates, and if a thief dares come in, he will be identified by the police the very next day!”
“After the crime is done?” I left a rather confused man and went home. I thought of the many situations were we use the best method to trace a culprit, feel exhilarated over the fact we’ve caught a monster, but forget we never prevented the crime.
I watch the home minister, talking about stricter punishment for rapists, but what about stopping the rapist sir? What we need is to close the gates. I told the chairman later that six gates was an open invitation to the criminal, “Close four,” I told him “And you’ve have solved your problem!”
It didn’t need technology it needed plain common sense. Today the country is reeling under the assaults to women. But if you were to read the news a little closely you’ll find there’s hardly any prevention: No policeman cycles around like the good old days. No cops doing the beat anymore.
No one to prevent the crime! Close the gates! Close the gates! Get the police out of their comfortable police stations, let their presence be felt. It’s going to be tough, because if you ask most of the aspirants to the police force why they want to be policemen, he will tell you it is to make money; underhand of course!
But those cops need to be pushed out; they need to guard our women, secure our houses, protect the old and infirm. They need to make our country safe. Close the gates and you will prevent crime, not having cameras to find out who did it, and then passing same footage to same disinterested cop, who’ll tell you next, “Now that you know who it is, go and catch him!” Start now: Close the gates..!
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