Climate change in Pakistan

Naima Sadaqat

Weather is changing in the world. As Pakistan lies at the tail end of the Monsoon winds, most of the monsoon rainfall is concentrated in India and Bangladesh. However, in addition to the Monsoon, Pakistan receives rainfall from other sources as well including the Western depression, Convectional currents, Relief rainfall and Tropical Cyclones. Nowadays, Pakistan is facing rains triggered flash floods in several parts of the country. In Pakistan heavily, scattered and thundershower rain is continuing in several cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad and KPK. Karachi is a relatively dry city. Many people have died due to falling roofs, inundation of houses, electric shock and electrocution etc. Rains affect people and their lives; whenever there is heavy rainfall in the cities, it jams the infrastructure, roads and badly affects the social life and causes significant damage.
I want to attract the attention of government and concerned department and organizations to develop proper drainage system and build dams in different cities of Pakistan on urgent basis. May Allah Almighty protect our homeland and people from natural disasters.

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