Climate change & Carbon neutrality

Hashim Abro

Climate change has become a proverbial talk of the town. The United Nations Secretary General, Ban
Ki-moon has invited all world leaders to a signing ceremony on 22 April, for the historic climate agreement that was reached in Paris in December last year. The signing event will take place at UN Headquarters in New York coincides with the UN observance of International Mother Earth Day. The civilized and environment-friendly nations of the world have also launched several programmes and initiatives to cope with the expected and unexpected catastrophic climatic changes. Carbon Neutrality is one such programme. By going Carbon-neutral, we can reduce our organization’s impact on climate change, reduce the resources used by our organisation and potentially save money, among others. In this perspective, the world media reports that Norway is about to spend $1 billion on bike lanes. As part of the country’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, they’ll build 10 two-lane bike highways in and around their largest cities but our thick-skinned rulers and relevant Ministry at Federal level and Provincial departments are doing nothing – only non-productive meetings and exploring possible ways and means to get funding from the international donor bodies. Our metro and other mega projects loving rulers are devising strategies to build more metros, destroy more flora and fauna for their construction and plead to nab the corruption watchdog called the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), once and for all. The dry issues like climate change and carbon neutrality are not their priority.

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