Climate change

Climate Change is a global challenge. The entire world is now witnessing its harsh effects, including the significant melting of Glaciers and it is time that we pay attention to this issue. Steps should be taken to limit warming to below to degree Celsius. Recently, Punjab and the KP dealt with smog that caused a great inconvenience to the people. The low visibility not only made it difficult to travel on the roads, but also caused fatal accidents.
Our agriculture sector has also been affected due to limited amount of rainfall and the lack of forestation. A developing country like Pakistan cannot afford water shortage since such crises will have a direct impact on our economy. In order to address this issue, we must tap all available renewable energy sources. Only the Government’s sincere efforts can make the environment eco-friendly pollution-free, therefore, it is hoped that the Government will take meaningful steps in this regard to save the future of the country.

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