Climate change

Raheel Ghumman

Climate change was once considered as an issue of a distant future. But, now this problem is standing firmly before us. We certainly can’t deny the fact that Nature has started walking on some different path. The weather is no more like that it used to be earlier; heavy rainfall, earthquake occurring anytime, extreme heat, droughts and floods causing havoc! Recently, our city Lahore has emerged as the city with the most polluted air (smog) which is terrible! People breathe poison which is going to affect negatively on their health but one can’t stop breathing! What a pathetic situation and all these are effects of Climate Change. We need to take some collective steps in this direction. People need to understand that this is an extreme situation and the world in which we are now living in is not safe. To make it safe, we need to change our habits, our greed and our lifestyle. Forests are being cut down just to earn money ignoring the people? Factories/industries churning out big amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) from their chimneys, dissolving poison in the air; rivers are being polluted by human/factory waste, forgetting about the health issues! The problem is big but we have to get the solution to it. Opting for Solar and renewable energy is the good solution for changing the climate. Our leaders need to think seriously in this direction. Now it’s a peak time the solution be churned out instead of cursing climate change. People should leave their obsession of buying new cars and should be encouraged to use more of public transport. More and more trees need to be planted to wash away the carbon footprints from our environment. We must strive to save our only planet ‘Earth’ which is our home and our shelter. Let’s give a Cleaner and Greener future to the coming generations!

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