Clean village programme

TO check the influx of population into cities, it has become need of the hour that the federal and provincial governments also prioritise development of small cities and rural areas ensuring provision of basic amenities of life there. This indeed is vital to reduce pressure on the existing infrastructure related to health, education and sewerage in the main cities as well as to address environment related issues.
We understand that the Punjab government has taken some concrete and important steps towards that end. After constructing land to farm roads in the entire length and breadth of the province, the provincial government has now decided to launch Clean Village Programme which we understand will augur well for proper disposal of waste and bring a qualitative improvement in the lives of the people living in villages. Up till now, there is no waste disposal system in the villages and the people there either set their garbage on fire or throw it in the open which carries a great health risk. So the initiative to ensure cleanliness in villages will go a long way in saving the people from different kinds of diseases. Other provincial governments also need to focus on the provision of such basic facilities not only in their cities but also in rural areas so that people there do not feel left behind and they can see a genuine change in their surroundings. The Punjab government has also made headway in provision of clean drinking water to rural population and one hundred and sixteen filtration plants have been installed in different villages of South Punjab. Punjab’s Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is known for completing the projects with fast pace and we hope that the clean water and waste management projects for rural areas will also be completed with the same speed well before the completion of government tenure while ensuring that a proper monitoring system is also put in place to check that the facilities remain fully functional.

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