Clean drinking water

Visiting Faisalabad during a business trip, I was shocked to find that salty water was being supplied to all households. The authorities have failed to install water processing plant to help clean the dirty water supplied to families living there. When I asked a local how they lived in such conditions, he told me that water supplied in pipes cannot be used for washing clothes or for showers or for drinking. People in Faisalabad are forced to buy filtered water from filtration plants for their house use.
Ironically Faisalabad is a textile industrial city. Dirty water from textile and sugar mills is drained into ground water. These industrial units are supplied energy and water tax free. These industries also have a responsibility towards the people of Faisalabad under Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). But none of the textile or sugar mills have conducted any effort towards providing clean drinking water to the people of Faisalabad.
I therefore request the Chief Justice to investigate the owners of the water filtration plants and mineral water suppliers in Faisalabad who are the main beneficiaries of such a situation. The Government should be asked to either process the pipes water or they should construct free filtration plants on each street or provide free home delivery of clean water to people of Faisalabad. The Govt can also ask textile and sugar mills to construct water filtration plants through their CSR funds.

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