Classical music, a waning legacy

Shafaq Khalid Rana

Music connects souls. It overcomes ethnicity, religion, gender and introduces you with a completely different set of emotions. This is what makes music beautiful. The genres of music are like a rainbow spectrum, there are numerous. The choice is dependent on the listener, for example older people prefer classical and folk music whereas younger generation likes pop and trance. The history of music in Pakistan is rich from the beginning.
It takes us back to the Mughal era. We are lucky to be gifted with the traditional music families having a glorious legacy of music. Our classical music industry has been confronting indifference and continuing apathy of the society, as is one of the neglected art. Still, nothing has stopped us producing legends! Our music industry is currently working to revitalize the classical, folk and pop music through Coke Studio and Nescafe Basement sessions.

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