Claims of economic progress?

Javaid Bashir

The Opposition has challenged the false claims of economic development and progress by the present government. The government has been borrowing heavily from world’s financial institutions, thus increasing foreign debt by hundreds of billions of rupees threatening overall economy of the country. Exports have sharply decreased and economic indicators are in the negative showing great stress in the economy. We are facing the worst decline in manufacturing and exports of goods & services. I think by jugging statistics, financial wizards of the government may mislead themselves but not the people. If this were recovery or progress then what the decline would be. The Finance Minister might label it progress but any blind man can see what it is? The economy has hit the bottom. Unemployment is at the highest level and less jobs available in the public/private sector. Even the CPEC is not going to give the desired results. The prices of oil has declined in the International market but the decrease in domestic price of oil is still bare minimum. The people should have been given proportionate relief in the prices of diesel and oil products. The Finance Minister has invited all the political parties to formulate the economic policy. Has not he done marvels with the economy? We have to arrest the declining economy and rebuild the industry & agriculture once again. We should stop borrowing money from international financial market to become a free economy and nation.
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