CJ’s sincere discourse

ADDRESSING a ceremony marking advent of new judicial year, Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali while highlighting obstacles in the way of dispensation of speedy justice also touched upon some of the critical challenges facing the country today, mainly the terrorism. The CJ noted that in order to instil fear among lawyers and judges, the courts are being attacked. Given the recent attacks on lawyers, kidnapping of the son of the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court and the threats often received by the judges on hearing high profile anti terror cases, the concerns of the CJ necessitate that the government prepares a foolproof security plan for the protection of bar and judiciary so that they could discharge their duties without any fear. In high profile cases, it is advisable that identity of judges is kept secret so that the judges are not forced to flee the country as we saw in the case of Mumtaz Qadri.
Terse but more categorical were CJ’s remarks on the patronization of terrorists by political and religious parties. It is pity but an established fact that some of the parties do own and nurture militant wings for vested interests, which, in fact, are involved in all sorts of crimes ranging from extortion to target killings. Deplorable part is that the party leaders are often seen expressing willingness to get rid of undesirable elements within their parties but whenever action is initiated, these very leaders accuse the authorities of victimization and nabbing the innocents. As anti terror operation is heading in the right direction, responsibility rests with political and religious forces to extend full cooperation to security forces in eradication of this menace. It will only be possible if they first purge their own ranks of criminals and terrorists. The parties need to understand that their real strength lies not in armed wings but the public confidence, which they can easily secure by devoting their energies to their well-being. This very change in thinking is also imperative for strong democracy and building better image of the country abroad.

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