CJP trashes rumours

UNABATED rumour mongering and conjectures have forced Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Saqib Nisar, to publicly declare that the Judiciary would never indulge in any unconstitutional move or become part of any conspiracy. Addressing a congregation of students in Lahore on Friday, he ruled out possibility of judicial martial law, adding that there was no such provision in the Constitution and the Judiciary was committed to upholding the document.
It is unfortunate that with general election approaching fast, some circles and vested interests are still spreading rumours to advance their negative agenda and designs. Regrettably, they want to use the shoulders of the Judiciary to achieve their political objectives, which they do not foresee to realize while remaining strictly within the rules of the game in the political arena. The Chief Justice had to clear the position because of the unconstitutional demand made by Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, who is leader of a political party but invited the Chief Justice to impose judicial martial law to hold elections in a free and fair manner. All patriotic people would surely welcome the announcement of Justice Saqib Nisar that he had taken oath to protect the Constitution and any deviation from the document will not be tolerated. He vowed that he would not allow democracy to be derailed in the country. It is also beyond comprehension as to how can such a development take place when there is no room in the Constitution for such adventures. The Constitution envisages formation of caretaker governments at the Centre and in the Provinces, which would be formed through mutual consultations of the Prime Minister and respective Chief Ministers with leaders of the opposition in the National and Provincial Assemblies. The very objective of formation of these governments is to conduct elections in an absolutely neutral manner. This time round we have added advantage of the Election Commission having almost similar powers as far as holding of elections is concerned as are available to its counterpart in India, where no one points any accusing fingers towards the Commission after the polls. Therefore, instead of making unconstitutional demands, political leaders and their parties should strengthen hands of the Commission to carry out the electoral exercise in an impeccable manner.

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