CJP smells conspiracy in G-B schools attack


Schools burnt after calls for dams’ construction; Kalabagh Dam to be built after all provinces’ consensus

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Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Saturday said that while his initiative to collect funds to build the Diamer-Bhasha dam in the country had garnered immense support, it had also fallen victim to “opposition”.
During his address to the Multan Bar Council, Justice Nisar implied that Thursday night’s incident when about a dozen educational institutions were burned down by miscreants was an act of opposition to his initiative to collect funds for the dam.
“Diamer is such a peaceful place. I went to Gilgit Baltistan a few days back and I was told by sessions judges and locals that it has been years since there has been a robbery or murder in the area,” he told the Multan Bar Council. “But as soon as we started talking about building a dam [there], 12 educational institutions were torched.”
“Who is conspiring against Pakistan? We should think about this. I don’t want to level irresponsible allegations against anyone but I am leaving it as a matter of thought for you people. For the past 60 years, no dam has been built and now that we are trying to build one, there are conspiracies against it.
“But you people are the protectors: the people of Pakistan will get this implemented!” he said. He urged people to participate and support the construction of dams.
“[Building] this dam is unavoidable now. It is vital for the survival of the country,” he claimed and urged people to “squash any conspiracy” that might hinder the construction of the dams.
He also clarified that the Supreme Court had not ruled out the Kalabagh Dam, instead the court has said that it will be built after all provinces reach a consensus over it. He added that the dams that are free of controversy and are not being opposed by anyone will be built first.
The country is on the verge of a water crisis, he said, adding that the building a dam was the need of the hour.
We also need to think about who are those people engaging in conspiracies against Pakistan, Cheif Justice Nisar remarked.
He further remarked that people didn’t get Pakistan as a gift. Many sacrifices were given to get independence for the country. “Do we give Pakistan the respect it deserves?”
Chief Justice Nisar pointed out that the society’s two biggest menaces are corruption and incompetence.
“The country cannot progress till corruption is rooted out. We have to fight corruption.”
The CJP, while addressing district bar lawyers in Multan, had said that law is a difficult profession but lawyers must continue to endeavour.
“Your hard work will bear fruits,” he said. He also remarked that he hopes to continue working with diligent and earnest people.
The fund was announced by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar last month. He vowed to not let anyone misappropriate the funds being collected for construction of dams to resolve the country’s water crisis.
Reiterating the need for building dams to overcome Pakistan’s acute water shortage, the CJP in his remarks during a case hearing observed that the Supreme Court has appealed [to the public] to gather funds for immediate construction of Bhasha and Mohmand dams.
The account, titled “Diamir Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund–2018”, has been opened by the Finance Division of the Government of Pakistan under the Supreme Court’s order. It bears account No. 03-593-299999-001-4 and IBN No. PK06SBPP0035932999990014.

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