CJP: Injustice creates confusion in society



Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar on Saturday said that injustice creates confusion in the society and justice and human being were interlinked.
Addressing Punjab Judicial Academy in Lahore, CJP said all judges have the power to provide justice and judicial officers must strengthen their grip on the law.
He added that human rights violations taking place in different forms.
He stated that society has given tremendous responsibility to judges to provide justice. “Judges have no right to issue verdict in cases on their own,” he said.
Chief Justice said that no judge can decide a case with his discretion or according to the wish of his heart as a judge always remains bound to fulfill the need of the justice.
He also said that the constitution makes the judges bound to remain impartial while justice is the right of every citizen for which the cases have to be decided as per the law. He added that he did not discriminate between the judges of higher and lower courts.
Chief Justice said that the judiciary is not corrupt. He said, “We are free and independent. The one who delivers justice to others should also get justice.”
There will be a chaos in the society if there is no justice. We have to provide justice using all our capabilities and resources, he further said.
“I promise that we would guard the self esteem of the judges. We would not let something happen that could question the judiciary,” the CJP added.
“It is our religious duty to acquire knowledge. There should be no hesitation in seeking knowledge,” he said.

He went on to say that there are two types of states in the world at the moment — one is developed and the other is developing. The countries where there is jurisdiction of law are developed while we are still going through the process of law enforcement, he added.—INP

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