CJP in Balochistan

AT long last, Chief Justice of Pakistan thought it appropriate to go outside Punjab and Sindh and look into what is happening in two other provinces, where things are far from satisfactory. His visit to Quetta on Monday afforded him an opportunity to get himself apprised of the ground realities there and that is why he has summoned two former Chief Ministers of the province to explain what they did during their tenures to resolve numerous issues faced by the people of Balochistan.
Governance is, no doubt, not domain of the judiciary but the interest that the Chief Justice of Pakistan is taking in resolving issues that directly concern with masses would hopefully help improve the situation. There is corruption all over the country but reports say there is proverbial corruption in Balochistan and in some cases roads claimed to have been built in fifties and sixties do not exist on ground. Balochistan is the main beneficiary of the transfer of resources through 18th Constitutional Amendment and greater share of provinces under National Finance Commission award but still these resources are not being judiciously utilized for resolution of problems of the people. Infrastructure development is key to progress and prosperity but no Government except that of PML-N took any tangible measures to development provincial infrastructure on modern lines. This is despite the fact that we have had Prime Ministers from Balochistan and effective and towering Federal Ministers, Governors and Chief Ministers. Apart from the tribal mindset of local Sardars who try to blunt efforts aimed at development of their areas for vested interests, there are complaints of massive bungling and misuse of funds and resources. The province is also rich in mineral deposits and their exploitation could change destiny of its people but these too have been politicized or scandalised. There has also been misuse of Balochistan domicile generating frustration and resentment among its impoverished people. Hopefully, the Chief Justice would look into these and other issues to help improve things in Balochistan as per expectations of its people.

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