CJ may intervene to probe Panama leaks

CHIEF Justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali, while hearing a case on Tuesday, gave observation that responsibility to form an Inquiry Commission to investigate the revelations made by Panama Papers does not rest with the Judiciary but the Executive. His remarks came after the frequent demands from opposition parties for a CJ-led Commission to investigate the whole matter to bring forth the truth.
The CJ would indeed have a definite reason and rationale to say so but at the same time given the storm and tremors triggered by this apparently mega corruption scandal in the national politics, it has become incumbent that a fair and transparent investigation is conducted that could fully satisfy the nation. Soon after the emergence of the leaks, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif came before the nation and announced the formation of the Commission but all the major political parties rejected his proposal as farce expressing doubts that a Commission nominated by the PM will not be able to do justice. Opposition parties while speaking both inside the Parliament house and outside have given various suggestions – the foremost amongst them – is the constitution of CJ-led Commission for forensic audit into the leaked papers that have not only implicated the sons of the Prime Minister but also several other Pakistani political and business leaders. We believe the demand of the opposition parties is very much genuine and we expect the CJ, who is an honest and upright person, and also enjoys the trust of the people, will look into the matter and take the suo motu notice or form the Commission to unmask the truth from the whole matter. In the past, the apex court used to take several suo motu notices especially in the era of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary when even on trivial issues like that of the recovery of liquor from actress Attiqa Odho, could not escape the lens of the then CJ. Issue of Panama disclosures by all means is far more serious and sensitive – the one that has whipped uproar in the entire country. We hope the CJ will take up this important task on his shoulders in order to ensure credibility of whole investigation process.

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