Civilians as executioners

Nida Anser

Feeling bored? Let’s take the frustration out on a civilian who may or may not be involved in a crime and beat him/her until there is nothing left to break. It was not surprising to read another headline about a citizen viciously murdered by an enraged mob. Killing has now become more of a habit for us. Is it too hard to ask questions first and act later? Does it depict the failure of our education system or does the fault lies somewhere in our nurture. Which is to blame for our intolerance and savage behaviour? These are questions which every humane person asks after such incidents.
Why do we feel the need to take the matters in our own hands? No one is above the law. A murder remains a murder when civilians decide to play executioners. You cannot justify it, no matter how severe the crime is. The system is there for a reason, to separate the bad from good. To punish those who commit crime. We cannot right a wrong with another wrong. Are we trying to send a message to the government and judicial system of Pakistan that we no longer trust them or need them? If so, then is this the way we want justice served? Randomly blame people of sensitive crimes and start executing them brutally without any question or investigation. I think it’s time we think as a nation where we are headed.

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