Civil society demands controlled gun laws


In relation to global week of action against gun violence, civil society organization including Blue Veins, Pakhtunkhwa Civil Society Network (PCSN), Chaiperchal, TransAction KP, MRCP, organized a seminar to advocate collectively for an end to illicit trade and misuse of small arms and light weapons. The seminar with the theme, “End the crisis of Gun Violence”, here on Saturday highlighted that every day, hundreds of lives are lost due to gun violence worldwide. Guns are responsible for about half of all violent deaths nearly a quarter million each year. But the dire consequences of gun violence are not limited to those slain by guns.
For every person killed by a gun, many more are injured, maimed, and forced to flee their home and community. Still many more live under constant threats of gun violence. Program Coordinator Blue Veins, Qamar Naseem said that ending gun violence is not the duty of the state alone, to end this crisis. We must work together and foster cooperation on this critical issue among all stakeholders, government, international, regional and sub-regional organizations, research institutes, private companies, and civil society organizations-, pool our experience, strength and expertise. Coordinator Pakhtunkhwa Civil Society Network (PCSN), Taimur Kamal said that the immediate aftermath of each mass killing, political leaders pledge action to control weapons their distribution and use. But then the powerful gun lobby strikes back; Legislators cower; and nothing happens. Trafficking and varied availability of these weapons fuel communal conflict, political instability and pose a threat, not only to security, but also to viable development.
President Chapirchal, Sana Gulzar said that such complex, multi-faceted problems require equally multi-faceted, sustainable solutions that address root causes.—APP

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