City wears vernal colours

City Reporter

The surroundings are clad in colourful attires of new blossoms, trees have grown new leaves and lush green grass-beds at the parks please the hearts of the onlookers with the advent of spring in the city.
The mood is happy, blissful and gay and everything appears to be joyous on the arrival of spring through the blossoming trees, singing birds and shining skies.
The recent cold wave in the provincial metropolis has subsided and the mercury has once again soared above the 20 degree celsius mark.
The trees branches along the canal glow with shining green attires and birds have returned to the parks after the slumber imposed by the winter.
The skies are no more gloomy while the sun warms the hearts and the souls although some occasional clouds appear to remind the nature-lovers that spring’s splendour has many colors and moods.
The number of visitors has increased in the public places. The gardeners are busy labouring at the flower-beds and sowing the seedlings for more flowers to amuse the souls at the Bagh-e-Jinnah, Racecourse parks and other meadows in the city.
The foliage appears smiling all around as the fear of wintry cold has vanished and made way for the spring dew to bring forth new flowers.

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