Citizens urged to adopt healthy lifestyle for quality survival


Prevention manifested in form of healthy life style can largely prevent growing incidence of Hyperlipidemia, anumbrella term that refers to any of several acquired or genetic
disorders causing high level of lipids (fats, cholesterol and triglycerides) circulating in the blood.
Dr. Rana Tabbasum, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Baqai Medical University (BMU) delivering a lecture “Update on Hyperlipidemia,”
jointly organized by continuing medical education (COME) and medicine departments of the university, said sedentary life style has emerged to be a major factor leading to the health condition.
Mentioning that it was gaining severity due to rampant indifference towards health the senior doctor urged the healthcare providers not to ignore that the condition enhances vulnerability of people to heart attacks, stroke and other associated ailments.
Addressing the under graduates attending the session, she high cholesterol hinders smooth blood circulation directly effecting heart in the form of heart failure while clot caused due to interrupted blood flow leads to stroke.
The human heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes, mentioned the doctor.
Emphasizing that importance of patients’ medical history must not be ignored at any level, she said this holds extreme relevance in primary stage turning treatments highly effective.
“This, however, under no condition can minimize importance of precautions,” said Dr. Tabbasum.
Re-emphasizing that prevention is better than cure, the speaker said surge in cholesterol levels reflects vulnerability of person concerned to Cardio Vascular Diseases.
“Unfortunately Pakistan is registered to have significantly high incidence rate of CVD that also among considerable young population,” she said.
The senior physician reminded that obesity coupled with high cholesterol levels are contributory to stroke and diabetes besides heart attack.
She said medical community alongwith other influential sections of the society, particularly media must realize its responsibilities in sensitizing masses about serious repercussions of over eating,
growing trend of junk food, excessive consumption of meat, cigarette smoking etc.
Prof. Rana Tabassum said people with growing age are otherwise too at risk to be inflicted with hyperlipidemia which is consequent to natural changes in their body. “This is therefore all the important that they do take special care and protect themselves against conditions caused due to decline
in their resistance capacities.
“We therefore frequently urge masses to develop a balanced and healthy lifestyle from the very beginning as this is closely linked to their strong immunity,” commented the speaker.
She said healthy eating habits must also be complimented bypositive approach towards life, regular physical activities as regularexercise and no smoking.— APP

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