Citizens hail Governor House opening


Families residing in localities close to Sindh Governor House were astonished to find Governor Imran Ismail welcoming them at the gate number four of his official residence Friday morning.
Making most of the announcement made by the spokesman of the provincial governor house, in compliance to the directives of the Sindh Governor himself, the citizens neatly attired and carrying their National Identity Cards, were little bothered about the clearance process they had to go through for entering into the much guarded lodge.
“This is for the first time that I as an ordinary citizen am having a sense of ownership for this extremely prestigious building that is but a public property,” said Mohammad Mohsin Ahsan accompanied by his wife and daughters.
Presence of the Governor and his wife amidst them was perhaps a pleasant surprise in itself for the people, intelligent enough to realize that timings announced for their visit, from 6 am to 10 am was an opportunity to have their morning walk in a serene and green surrounding.
“I personally appreciate the timings but many from far off areas of the metropolis may not be able to avail the opportunity,” said Dr. Khadija Sultan.
The senior medical professional acknowledged that the decision may not only inculcate sense of healthy life style but also engender a sense of ownership among masses about state property.
Haris Aleem, an architect by profession supported the decision that only families will be allowed to enter into the Governor House premises.
“This building and the premises are dedicated heritage site and other wise too we as citizens need to adopt a responsible attitude towards public property,” he said with the hope that people would appreciate the gesture shown by the current Governor and would themselves avert any possible abuse of the same.
Being the first day of the Governor House premises being open for public in general, most of the visitors were those who were invited after essential scrutiny – fortunately many of them with average backgrounds were cultured and educated enough to realize relevance of the announcement.
Governor Imran Ismail who got mingled with the visitors said the decision to open the doors of the lodge was in accordance to party policy of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf that huge mansions used as residence of authorities and officials would be better utilized in public benefit.
He said all needed measures have been taken and would be further streamlined to ensure that heritage status of the governor house may not be compromised in any manner.
With a view to facilitate the families residing in areas not very close to the governor house the doors of this colonial era building would remain open from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm on Sunday.
As per announcement citizens with their families will be allowed to visit only specific portions of the colonial era building, after procuring prior permission from the authorities.
Close circuit cameras have be installed around the permissible limits of the premises and anyone found causing any harm or damage to the site are liable to legal action.
Details and identity of those entering the premises can be sought at any given time while the premises could also be vacated any time under emergency situation—APP

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