Citizens decry frequent traffic jams

Rawalpindi—Traffic mess on various city roads is agonizing the residents and commuters and they have urged the authorities to take solid steps to avoid traffic jams. The motorists traveling on different city roads are facing worse traffic gridlocks across the city. Ambulances are also seen stuck in long traffic queues on the roads. The commuters using public transport are the worse sufferers as traffic on several Chowks is diverted to alternate roads while Traffic wardens are found absent from duty points and others take half-hearted efforts to regulate flow of traffic.
A motorist Ahmed said, “There was a big traffic mess on Murree Road on Monday and motorists were left abandoned”. The citizens have called on the authorities to work out a comprehensive plan to solve traffic congestion on various city roads especially on Pindora Road, Raja Bazaar, College Road, Circular Road, Jamia Masjid Road, Tench Bhatta, Mughalabad and Adiala roads. Talking about traffic jam in the city, people belonging to different walks of life said, Murree Road, Raja Bazaar Road, Bank Road, Bunni Chowk, Said Pur Road, Pirwadhai Road, Tench Bhatta, 22 Number Chungi and other roads see heavy flow of traffic but due to traffic jam, the citizens face difficulties on daily basis.
Lack of traffic signals in Raja Bazaar and other important chowks of the city and faulty signals are also creating traffic problems. The traffic wardens also did not perform their duties properly at several chowks, said a motorist. The citizens have urged the authorities that strict checking of traffic rules violations, particularly on Murree Road, Saddar Bazar, Raja Bazar and Tench Bhatta roads should be ordered.
The commuters face big problems on several city roads due to heavy traffic load, traffic mismanagement, rules violations and ever increasing encroachments. Driving in Raja Bazar, Saddar and Tench Bhatta is enough to test the nerves of the commuters, Atif, a commuter, said. He added,”We daily face huge traffic mess particularly during the peak hours”. Five to 10 minute wait at all main traffic signals is a routine matter on busy roads, said Tahir, adding traffic problems on city roads could only be addressed through strict observance of traffic rules.—APP

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