Citizens advised to obey traffic rules, adopt safety measures

Staff Reporter

Islamabad—Islamabad Traffic Police have advised the citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to follow traffic rules to avoid road accidents. “Non implementation of these laws were resulting citizens’ life in danger as over-speeding, use of mobile phones, violating of traffic signals, under-age driving, unsafe lane change, wrong use of indicators and over-loading were the major reasons of road accidents,” said an official of Islamabad Traffic Police. He said by implementing traffic laws, commuters could protect themselves and others’ lives. He urged to get well aware of these laws before using any vehicle.
He said that motorists ignore traffic rules which causes accidents. “We issue challans daily to motorcyclists and drivers for not using helmets, not wearing of seat-belts and for using mobile phones.”
A public health expert, Dr Waseem Khawaja from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) said that the ratio of accidents had increased as compared to last year’s data.
“We receive around 40 accident cases daily at PIMS emergency, out of which 10% cases of serious nature”, he said.
He said that major factors of these accidents were over-speeding, under age driving, wrong use of lanes and indicators. The refusal to use safety measures by motorists put their life in danger, he added. Ali Ahmad, a motorist said “The probability of accidents can be reduced by initiating awareness drive for citizens on traffic rules and adopting safety measures.

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