CIA to continue to violate Pak sovereignty

CIA director John Brennan has said that the next US president will continue to support drone strikes against militants without consulting any world leaders, including Pakistani leaders. Speaking to the participants at the Brookings Institute in Washington, Brennan said that the air strikes were a key to repressing the insurgents on the battlefields. He added that the killing of former Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, was an intentional decision.
This is not off-the-cough comment but a categorical policy statement, which is indicative of the American designs as far as the drone attacks are concerned. It also shows CIA and American leaders are unmindful of the strong reaction that their attack sparked in Pakistan following killing of Mullah Mansour. Entire Pakistani nation and the leadership including Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif gave a clear message that such violation of sovereignty of Pakistan will not be tolerated. However, it seems the message has not been received in the right perspective and the United States is bent upon spoiling bilateral relations over the issue of controversial drone attacks. We feel sorry that the policy statement of the CIA chief comes at a time when there was trust deficit between Pakistan and the United States because of many reasons and Pakistani authorities were making efforts to maintain the relationship on an even keel. This provocative statement would further widen the trust deficit and create difficulties for pursuance of even shared objectives. This approach is devoid of sanity and is reflective of the culture of bullying and dictation that the United States has adopted in the conduct of its foreign policy. We hope that the next President of the United States would veto this mindset and maintain relationship with other countries including the smaller ones on the basis of sovereign equality.

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