CIA live tweets OBL raid — five years later

Washington—The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has marked the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden by live-tweeting – with a five-year delay – the raid by United States (US) special forces on the Al Qaeda founder’s compound in Abbottabad.
Using the hashtag #UBLRaid, the CIA blasted out updates of the May 2011 strike as if it was unfolding in real time – in a highly unusual move for the secretive spy agency.
“To mark the 5th anniversary of the Usama Bin Ladin operation in Abbottabad we will tweet the raid as if it were happening today. #UBLRaid,” @CIA said, announcing its social media blitz.
Tweets included the now famous picture of President Barack Obama and other high-ranking US officials watching matters unfold from the White House’s Situation Room.
The President Barrack Obama, Director CIA Panetta and Joint Special Operations Command’s Admiral McRaven approve Operation Neptune Spear, the operation to neutralise bin Laden.
After receiving go-ahead, helicopters from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160 SOAR), also known as ‘Nightstalkers’, departed from their staging area in Afghanistan. Onboard were special operation troopers from SEAL Team Six.
The two helicopters, designed to be quiet and to have low radar visibility, descended on the Abbotabad compound. One of the helicopter’s crashed while landing, but the force initiated the assault without suffering any delay or injury.
Obama, along with his close associates, watched the operation live. The feed was generated by surveillance assets circling above the compound and was also provided by cams mounted on SEAL helmets.
Osama bin Laden was found and killed on the third floor, in the compound’s main building.
The assault team, while conducting a sweep of the compound, found a sizeable quantity of intelligence material.
Later, the first helicopter left the compound for Afghanistan, and another helicopter was dispatched to pick up the remaining members of assault force.
The SEAL team also destroyed the wreckage of the helicopter that crashed earlier, in order to deny the technology used in the previously unseen MH-60 Stealth Hawk helicopter.
President Obama received confirmation, with high probability, of Osama’s death at around 7am US time.
The SEAL assault team conducted practice-runs of the attack plan on a life size replica of the Abbottabad compound. The replica had movable walls, to counter any change in the internal layout of the main structure.
The replica also featured high walls topped with barbed wire, double entry gates and no internet or phone connections.
The CIA’s Twitter move got quite a bit of attention, with not everyone enthused. “@CIA Are we tweeting Hiroshima on August 6th too? Or is THAT in bad taste?” tweeted one user, Kris Knight.
Another who identifies as Amber V tweeted: “Don’t you have better things to do, like catch living and breathing bad guys, or secretly invade our privacy, or something?—Agencies

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