Chitter-Chatter India..!

Couldn’t sleep last night!” grumbled the Man in the Moon as he got out of one of the craters he had made his home, “Incessant chatter coming from Planet Earth!” “There’s always a babble of noise from earth!” grumbled his wife, “but I agree, last night’s was louder than usual!”
The Man in the Moon and his wife peered down on planet Earth, “It’s coming from India!” said the Man in the Moon shaking his head, “There’s a cacophony of chitter-chatter coming from there!” Both husband and wife stared wearily at the people in the land they knew as India, “They don’t seem to be talking to each other!” observed the wife, “Yet they speak in loud voices!”
“They are using their cell phones!” said the husband, “Look at them: Sitting in trains, in buses, in cars, not even glancing at the beautiful scenery outside, tense and irritated, barking into their phones! “What do they talk about?” wondered the wife.
“Must be a national habit!” pondered her husband. “Last night though was unusually loud, and if that is going to happen again, we better shift to another planet, to get some sleep!” “Husband!” shouted the wife on the moon, as she pointed to a spaceship approaching. They watched the spaceship land as a few men and women walked out, their fingers firmly in their ears.
“Indians!” whispered the man in the moon to his wife, as he walked up to the visitors. “What brings you here?” he asked, “What is it you want from us?” “Silence!” shouted a woman from the group. “Quietness!” whispered a man who seemed to be their leader. “Peace!” whined a small child accompanying the group.
“Ah, you are running from the jabber and chatter in your country?” nodded the man in the moon, “But tell me, last night, the sounds were even louder?” “Talking is now free!” wept a woman, “No charges anymore! A corporate giant has made cell-talk free! People are ringing each other, even if they have nothing worthwhile to say!”
The man in the moon, his wife and the people who had run away, all looked down at India and sighed. “Hey what’s that?” shouted the man in the moon pointing at the child. “It’s a cell-phone!” said a woman who appeared to be his mother, “We couldn’t get him to leave it behind!” “Oh no!” shouted the man in the moon as he and his wife marched to the spaceship, “Your old habits won’t change here! We are off to a more tranquil place!”
The people from India watched the spaceship leave, then rushed to grab the cell-phone from the child’s hand to start speaking to their people down below..!

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