Chinese specialized training opens at PNCA

Staff Reporter

A specialized training for “Tai chi class” organized by China Cultural Centre was launched at PNCA here on Monday. ‘Tai chi’ is form of a specialized training for persons of every age.
The training is underway at the courtyard of China Cultural Centre situated at PNCA on the fifth floor at 4pm. It will continue until December 1, 2017.
People from different lifestyles and all fields of life will be a part of this event and can practise in training fitness class. Tai chi is an internal Chinese Martial Art practised for both its defence training and health benefits. The Tai Chi refers to a philosophy of the forces of yin and yang, related to the moves.
Though originally conceived as a Martial Art, it is also typically practised for a variety of other personal reasons, competitive wrestling in the format of pushing hands.
The training demonstration aims at holding competition and achieving greater longevity.

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