Chinese people take pride in friendship with Pakistan

Ordinary man in Beijing sure of Belt & Road Initiative’s success
Zubair Qureshi

Contrary to the impression created by a number of foreign dailies and vested interests, Beijing is more or less without pollution these days and one can see here skies are bluer and air cleaner. Credit for this pollution-free Beijing of course goes to the fathers of the city and the central government as well that has joined the Paris club and brought down the pollution level quite considerably.
Being a part of the 13-country Belt & Road Initiative and attending back-to-back lecturers and briefings offers one little time to have a stroll yet during brief intervals between two classes or while on the way going to attend a lecture one has a few moments to look about and interact with the residents.
On the footpaths or along the lane reserved for bicyclists, you can exchange a momentary ‘Ni Hao’ or ‘Going well!” with the passers-by. How much lost in his/her work or fast in pace, he/she stops at your nod and giving a good gesture replies to you gently. In case, you have something to ask, he/she replies you forthwith. This is how great nations progress, said a colleague and fellow journalist from Nepal Kailash Sirohiya who is part of the Belt & Road journalists delegation and chairman of a big media group in Nepal. “Chinese people are never rude nor they show any disrespect,” he further said adding he has been visiting China for many years and he has always found them polite and cordial.
Of late, people of China have demonstrated Mao’s famous quotation ‘However long is the journey it all starts with the first step’ and thus they have made their country great in almost equal number of years. China’s economy today, is the second largest in the world after the US. People in China have particular love and regard for the people of Pakistan. “Whoever is the ruler, we love the people of Pakistan, not the rulers,” said Jian Yang, a Chinese businessman while talking to Pakistan Observer.
“We know Pakistan is engaged in war on terrorism and its economy is suffering due to this ongoing fight against terrorists,” said he adding “In order to help Pakistan come out of this quagmire the US$46 billion dollar projects have been launched under the title of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC.” When asked how he viewed the geo-strategic situation from an ordinary man’s point of view, he said the United States had a clear affiliation and inclination towards India and Pakistan has lost its utility in the US’ eyes. Now India and the US are emerging as new allies in the region which is not good for the interests of both China and Pakistan said Jian Yang who has worked in China Mobile for a number of years in Beijing’s office and has a number of friends there in Pakistan.
In fact friendship with Pakistan runs in the blood of Chinese people, said a China-based Pakistani journalist Raza Khan while talking to Pakistan Observer. Mr Khan is doing 11-month media training course and has seen and observed Chinese people closely. Taxi drivers in Beijing, ordinary stall holders, office workers, students, teachers, in short people from all walks of life believe friendship between Pakistan and China is all-weather and time-tested. This level of awareness is there at the grass root level and every Chinese citizen believes in it.
About Belt & Road Initiative, he said the initiative will completely change the economic and geopolitical outlook of the entire region and all those countries from where road highway and maritime super way will pass and their nations will prosper and experience a tangible, positive change in their life.

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