Federal, provincial govts enhance security , Indian, Taiwanese and Japanese networks chasing them , Chinese Muslims being funded, trained , Nisar personally ensuring safety of Chinese in Pakistan

Zahid Malik

Wednesday, October 09, 2013Islamabad—The Government of Pakistan is deeply concerned about the possible threat to the life of the Chinese engaged in various uplift projects in Pakistan as well as the Chinese diplomats in the Capital. The Chinese Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Sun Weidong, himself raised the issue of the rising threat when he called on the Federal Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, on September 22 in his watchful office, Pakistan Observer understands on good authority.

The Federal Government as well as the Provincial Governments have accordingly enhanced security of all Chinese particularly that of the diplomats but, perhaps, the Government needs to do more in this regard.

The threat to the Chinese is quite serious if taken in the perspective of a network of some Indian, Taiwanese and, surprisingly, Japanese agents active in the region. “Even some Japanese are actively supporting anti-China plans around the world,” a source confided.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Federal Interior Minister was personally supervising fool-proof security of the Chinese engineers, technicians and others engaged in various field works and particularly that of the diplomats. However, it is believed that the Chinese expect more from Pakistan, the Pakistan Observer understands. “Even an attack on the Embassy on the pattern of attack on the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad on November 19, 1995 is not ruled out,” the source added.

Ongoing October, marked as Chinese Revolution month, is believed to be a period full of dangers. The Chinese security-related scenario becomes grim in the perspective of some foreign intelligence agencies that are actively supporting some Chinese Muslims for what they call a separate Muslim homeland in China. Some Indian Imams (religious clerics) are engaged in brainwashing over 200 religious-minded Chinese Muslim youth in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor bordering China. However, these Imams are operating through Uzbek and Tajik operatives.

“All these threats and possible inconveniences are believed to be the cost which China will have to pay for the enhancement of its presence in Pakistan as well as in other regions,” a Pakistan’s former Ambassador to China, was of the view.

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