Chinese company to build 1263 MW gas power plant in Jhang


Project will be completed in 26 months: Shahbaz
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The Punjab government and Chinese energy company China Machinery Engineering Corporation signed the 1263 megawatt gas power project here, hereon Friday. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was the chief guest of the ceremony.
According to the agreement, the Chinese company will establish this project near to Trimu Barrage in Jhang. Ahad Cheema, Chief Executive Officer of the Punjab Thermal Power Company signed the agreement on behalf of the Punjab government while Fung Yung Choy, Vice President signed the agreement on behalf of the China Machinery Engineering Corporation.
Addressing the ceremony, the chief Minister said that Punjab government has decided to install a gas-based 1263 megawatt power plant in Jhang from its own resources. This project is the continuity of great efforts rendered by the government of Pakistan Muslim League-N under the leadership of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during the last four years to overcome the energy crisis.
We are thankful to Almighty Allah that the PML-N government has succeeded in dealing with the challenge of load-shedding. The load-shedding will be completely eliminated from Pakistan at the end of this year or at the start of next year.
The agreement signed with the Chinese company for 1263 megawatt electricity project is an important achievement. Due to the completion of this project, electricity will be available in abundance for trade, agriculture and industrial sectors and we will also be able to sell electricity to India, Afghanistan and Iran. He said the first phase of this project will be completed in 14 months and it will produce 810 megawatt electricity; while the completion of the project in 26 months will result in producing 1263 megawatt electricity. Work on energy projects is being carried out expeditiously throughout the country under the CPEC.
He said that there is no example of implementation of energy projects in the 70 years history of the country with such speed and transparency. The Bhikki, Balluki and Haveli Bahadur Shah’s 3600 megawatt gas-based power plants are generating electricity and 1320 megawatt Sahiwal Coal Power Plant is fully functional.
He regretted that some media channels are gossiping about corruption in energy projects and are immersed in the baseless propaganda that Sharif Brothers set up no new project without corruption and commission. These channels could not bring out corruption of even a single penny in these projects and it was better for them that they, at least, had praised this humble national service and appreciated the labourers, officers and other people working on these projects. “You should not forget the corruption to the tune of billions of rupees in rental power plants. The machinery of Nandipur Power Plant rusted at the Karachi Port for three long years and the then Federal Minister Babar Awan hid the file of this project in the draw of his table. Due to this, the poor nation had to face a loss of billions of rupees.” The media should also remember that how the nation was hoodwinked in the name of Diamir Bhasha Dam. The PML-N government has purchased land for this project with Rs.100 billion now and the work on Dasu Dam has also been started.
The Vice President of China Machinery Engineering Corporation, Fung Yung Choy said, in his address, that best work has been done with regard to development in the Punjab and due to the policies of the Punjab government; we have been motivated to work with it. Punjab Power Plant will be an example of its own with regard to transparency and this initiative will be a benchmark and we will complete this project in the scheduled timeframe. Senior Executive Vice President of Siemens Mr. Jean Claude Nasr said that Lahore is an important city of Pakistan and we are happy to work here. Shahbaz Sharif has a great vision for the development and prosperity of the people and the Punjab Power Plant will transfer new technology to the country.

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