Chinese CG applauds SMS guards’ bravery, training

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In a letter of appreciation, the Chinese Consulate General (CG) lauded the performance of Security & Management Services (SMS) Guards for the incident on 23 November when three terrorists armed with weapons and explosives attacked the Chinese CG in Karachi, to quote, ‘with one killed near the first check post, the remaining two ran towards the visa section and tried to break in.
Three unarmed security guards Mr. Shoukat Ali Talpur, Mr. Muhammad Kamran and Ms Ruby Abdul Razzaq), especially Mr Shoukat Ali Talpur, of SMS performed their duty excellently. Their brave and smart performance helped the LEAS to kill the attackers and avoided further losses of human lives and properties.
Chinese Consul General (CG) Mr Wang Yu, along with all staffs, would like to express deep and sincere respects and gratefulness to the three guards. We also appreciate the outstanding training of SMS to the guards’ professionalism, bravery and dedication’. The Chinese CG further stated, ‘In the future, we are confident that all Chinese and Pakistani friends will continue to foster closer relations for the common peace and prosperity of our two countries,’ unquote.
Thanking the Chinese CG for his kind gesture in giving the Letter of Appreciation, SMS and Pathfinder Group reiterate that it is a great privilege and honour to provide security and protection to Chinese diplomats in Pakistan.

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