China’s offer to India

CHINESE media has counselled India to discard its opposition to the historic ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative and instead become a partner in development. In a report, official news agency of China — Xinhua — said on Sunday that India would not lose but gain from the project and therefore, should come on board without wasting further time.
One Belt, One Road initiative of China has received overwhelming support from a number of countries of the world and most of them are eager to become part of the project to reap benefits. This also became evident when 44 heads of state from 65 nations attended Beijing Summit on the subject besides many of the regional and international organisations and bodies. Not a single country or delegate expressed any apprehension or opposed the idea and extended their wholehearted supported to the plan. However, India was absent from this historic moot and decision of Modi government was widely criticised in India as well and there was a dominant view that New Delhi has isolated itself. The Plan has all the positive elements and nothing wrong for anyone but India is opposing it just because of its enmity with China and Pakistan. Not to speak of not participating in this multi-dimensional developmental project, India is even opposing the project to such an extent that it has created a special RAW desk to sabotage and undermine the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the flagship project of the OBOR. This is a myopic approach to deny social and economic benefits to people of the region and lose an opportunity to improve lives of India’s own people who are facing similar problems as people in other regional countries. India is obviously opposing the OBOR because it cannot be a partner as well as rival of China as it is playing into the hands of others who want to encircle China.

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