China’s global economic goal

The PRC’s investment around the globe is a sign of its economic rise. The initiative of OBOR (one belt one road) aims at building trade routes between China and the countries in Central Asia, Europe and Indo-Pacific littoral countries. It is very ambitious project that involves around 65 countries of about $1trillion investment. It will cause regional integration of different states. Moreover, There is the investment of about $60 billion under CPEC project in Pakistan carrying different developmental projects. These billion dollar game of PRC here in region and around the world will give China a chance for its economic progress as the important strategic locations are under its control. Beside this the Gwadar port which is the main warm water seaport project will help China to have access to different major markets easily.
Throughout all these developmental projects, PRC has not yet faced any aggressive confrontation in its way. The sole power US history tells us that it had always reacted to contain one, replacing it. Cold war era is the major example of such US policies. The military presence of US in the region such as Afghanistan, has planned to remain in country for indefinite period and sending of about more 4000 soldiers in war torn country, is an indirect message for China. The rising influence of India in Afghanistan and the perceived threats of notorious terrorist organizations such as Taliban and ISIS near the border of its partner Pakistan will definitely affect its investment in the country. PLA had not yet intervened in ongoing conflicts but the threats revolving around its interests can spark the intervention to safeguard its better interests throughout the region. This can lead to US-China aggressive conflict leading South Asia to a new battlefield of the world dominating power race.

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