China’s deep concern over IHK killings

Modi Government is persisting with its policy of resolving the issue of Jammu and Kashmir through brutal use of force declaring it an internal matter of India but this approach has boomeranged and produced exactly the opposite consequences – internationalization of the dispute, which is already there on the agenda of the United Nations and majority of the civilized world has been emphasizing the need for its peaceful settlement. China is the latest addition to the voice of reason and sanity calling for respect to fundamental rights of Kashmiris, stoppage of atrocities and resolution of the conflict through dialogue.
The policy statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry is being described as a rare development as Beijing has categorically demanded proper settlement of the issue through peaceful means and end of violence caused by state terrorism. This is very pertinent and important as it means China considers Kashmir a dispute and wants its resolution through dialogue, which India is trying to evade on different pretexts. China is the second world power after the United States and has immense influence in different regions of the globe. Its policy decision matters much especially as this concerns a dispute that has serious implications for regional peace and China shares borders both with Pakistan and India. Earlier, the UN Secretary-General had also called for respecting human rights of Kashmiris while the OIC issued a strong statement condemning atrocities against Kashmiri people and demanding right of self-determination for them. The way and the scale at which both Accession to Pakistan Day (on Tuesday) and Black Day (on Wednesday) were observed sent a loud and clear message to India as well as to the international community that there is no escape from meaningful dialogue on Kashmir dispute and its resolution as per pledges made by India before the United Nations. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has rightly pointed out that India cannot hide behind the plea that Occupied Kashmir was its internal issue as Pakistan is a party to the dispute and this fact has also been recognized by the United Nations. Similarly, if issues of human rights’ violations in other countries can be raised at UN and other forums then why not trampling of rights of Kashmiris by India. We hope that India would listen to China, other members of the world community and especially Kashmiris; stop atrocities and instead enter into meaningful dialogue with Pakistan and Kashmiris to resolve the dispute as per UN resolutions.

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