China today is world’s second biggest economy: CG


National day was a great occasion

Salahuddin Haider

Extending cordial thanks to friends from all walks of life, devoting themselves to the development of China-Pakistan ties, the new Chinese Consul General Wang Yu said with a deep sense of gratitude that through hard work, people of his country, had turned China into world’s second biggest economy. It is also the world’s biggest trader of goods and the third largest direct overseas investor, which lifted the country’s per capita GDP close to 8,000 US dollars. In soul-stirring speech at the 67th Founding Anniversary of the Peoples’ Republic in Karachi Wednesday, he recalled that China has gone through great changes and achieved tremendous development. Mil-lions of ordinary Chinese families have changed their lives through hard work, and pursuing economic develop-ment as “top priority.”
The evening at a local hotel was marvellous in many ways. It was adorned by a galaxy of people from various segments of life, without discrimination, which has been the hallmark of Chinese philosophy since beginning, and remains so unchanged till date. China believes in people’s power, and in that lies the success of this great nation, which has taken huge strides to earn envious place in the comity of nations. From Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad to Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, Sindh Assembly speaker Agha Sirajuddin Durrani, to senior minister Nisar Khuhro, top businessmen, senators, parliamentarians, and a host of diplomatic corps from USA, UK, France, Swit-zerland, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Republic of Korea and honorary consuls of countries, spanning from east to west, north and south, all were there to share the happiness and pleasure of a country which is now a role model for the world. Adding that “now China has reached new historical starting points”, Wang Yu said that “we are deepen-ing reform across the board and fostering new drivers of economic and social development” “We have the confi-dence and ability to maintain medium-high rate of growth and deliver more development opportunities to the world, while ensuring our own development” The grand banquet hall of the hotel burst into loud applause when he described China and Pakistan as “iron brothers”. The friendship between our two countries, is unique and unparal-leled in the world. It has been rooted in the hearts of the two people, he said, adding that the year 2016 marked the 65th anniversary of the Chinese-Pakistan relations. Over this long period, their relationship had withstood the test of changing times.
Both sides always render each other mutual respect, mutual understanding, and mutual support. The friendship between our two peoples has become even stronger as time is passing, he remarked.
Recalling the visit to Pakistan in April of Chinese President Xi Jinping, he said it promoted to all-weather strategic cooperation partnership. It opened a new chapter of bilateral relations. “our pragmatic cooperation in various fields, especially in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, also entered into a new stage.”
He said as the major and pilot project of the Belt and Road initiative, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is cover-ing all Pakistan. It is the main platform of substantive cooperation between China and Pakistan. Now CPEC has entered into (the stage) of comprehensive implementation and is making smooth and gratifying progress. CPEC will create plenty of job opportunities and greatly improve the livelihood of the local people and along the Corri-dor. It is win-win situation and will deliver benefits to the people of Pakistan and countries in the entire region.
Wang Yu who arrived in Karachi only last week, said Pakistan was a great country, and Karachi a beautiful coastal city. Here “I can feel the enthusiasm and friendship to Chinese from local people everywhere.” Chinese consulate general attaches great importance to the communication and cooperation within its consular jurisdiction. “The cooperation between China, Sindh, Balochistan, in the areas of business, trade, agriculture, education, women de-velopment and other fields has been strengthened” This cooperation must continuously strengthen.
Governor Ebad and Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah in their speeches lauded the Chinese progress, and the con-tinuously deepening ties between the two countries as harbinger of peace in the region and the world. Murad Ali, belonging to Peoples Party, recalled that foundations for the great ties was laid by the party founder Late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and strengthened by Benazir and Asif Zardari. He said Keti Bander in Sindh will, as part of the CPEC, will render great service to coal imports for projects in CPEC.
The governor extedned felicitations to the great Chinese nation for its remarkable deeds, and said that opposition to CPEC by some elements, will not succeed and the great game changer will achieve its goal to turn the area and the region into blossoming flower. Pakistan army, he said, was taking care of the security of the project, while the Sindh government will overcome every challenge to turn the project into reality. It was a festive and memorable evening.

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