China says human rights dialogue should be constructive, not shaming


China on Friday said countries should carry out constructive dialogue and cooperation in the field of human rights. Speaking at the 36th session of the UN human rights council, China said the international community should work “hand-in-hand” but avoid naming and shaming, exerting public pressure, politicization, and double standards when it comes to human rights issues.
Ma Zhaoxu, head of the Chinese Mission to UN at Geneva, said that when promoting human rights, all countries should firstly uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. That means countries should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries, and the path of development and social system independently chosen by their people, he said.
“Second, we should carry out dialogue and exchange. Countries should respect each other and treat each other on equal footing, expand common ground and narrow differences, so as to jointly promote and protect human rights,” he said. He added that countries should also pursue win-win cooperation, be committed to multi-lateralism and partnership, and conduct practical and effective cooperation to promote human rights capacity-building.
According to the Chinese diplomat, it is of great importance for countries to promote human rights through poverty reduction. Ma also stressed that “we should promote human rights through development,” saying that countries should be committed to people-centered development, and spare no effort in fully implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.
“We encourage the international community to work together to engage in dialogue and cooperation on human rights, and keep the international human rights governance moving in the right direction,” he concluded.—Xinhua

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