China, Russia planning Afghan moot with Pakistan—great development

Salahuddin Haider

Karachi—In what would obviously be seen as a great development, Russia, and China have decided to lend their wholehearted support to Pakistan and have planned a meeting of three on a vitally important subject of Afghanistan, minus-America, Taliban etc. This is obviously an enormous development, and shows China’s diplomacy at peak. It was China that blocked India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG), and then an Indian design to portray Pakistan as a terrorist State in the eyes of the world, was foiled by the two great powers.
President Putin, and President XI Jinping effectively thwarted what prime minister Narendra Modi had conceived as his master stroke to summit a meeting of BRICS ( Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)—an organization that obviously looked to create problems for Pakistan
Modi brought a resolution in that BRICS recent meeting in New Delhi, to brand Pakistan a terrorist State, but both Russia and China stood against it, and shot down the resolution. That naturally was a major embarrassment for Modi, and clear-cut failure of his anti-Pakistan policy.
The Indian prime minister had to eat a humble pie. His own country’s media blasted Modi for failing to pursue an objective foreign policy and dipping India nose-dive on its own soil. The failure of BRICS was a disgrace for India. Modi’s plans had failed, fallen flat on the face.
And now that he is facing massive economic crisis at home—the rush at the banks to exchange Rs500 and Rs1000 notes, has caused quite a number of deaths, including of three bank managers of heart attack in Delhi, and two other major towns. People line up before banks since dawn to change their old currency notes, but hardly are able to even deposit their own money in their accounts till dusk.
Several banks have run out of cash, such huge were the lines before the bank, friends relatives informed this scribe on telephone from India.
Beset with such grim situation, Modi has now concentrated on mini war on line of control in Kashmir and working boundary. The Pakistan army has effectively attacked their bunkers, and posts inflicting heavy damage on the enemy.
An Indian navy submarine too was chased out, trying to enter Pakistani water for spying or on probe mission to plan for its targets on Pakistan Navy ships in future. An Indian drone was shot down by Pakistan.
Seen in this background, Russian and Chinese help to Pakistan and their backing to include Pakistan in a triangular summit on Afghanistan is a remarkable development, observers said.

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