China-Russia partnership to change world scenario

CONTRARY to present culture of bullying, dictation, sanctions etc,China has ushered a new era of diplomacy based on the welfare of humanity. Hats off to the visionary leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping for pursuing the policy of deeper economic integration with different countries to achieve the objective of shared prosperity and peace. His strategic initiative of ‘One Belt One Road’, which will connect different regions, is a step in that direction.
Because of his idea of reviving the old Silk Route, the Chinese president in fact has earned respect and applause everywhere. In our view, the latest interaction between the leadership of China and Russia and their growing relations are set to give new dimensions to international diplomacy. In an interview ahead of his first ever visit to China, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that trust level between the two countries has reached an unprecedented level which has laid a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation. Despite Western sanctions and Washington’s disapproval of their strategic alliance, both China and Russia have proved that their partnership is vital by expanding cooperation in different fields. According to experts as both countries do not want hegemony in the world and share a common multi-polar approach to international relations, it is believed that their strong partnership will achieve the objectives of world peace and stability which has so far suffered immensely because of the self focused and controversial policies of some countries. Both Beijing and Moscow are permanent members of the UNSC and their closer relations and unanimity of views will indeed help this world see the dawn of shared peace and prosperity. The two countries have the capacity and capability to write a new world order –the one that serves the interests of entire humanity and make the lives of our future generations safe and secured.

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