China opposes US religion report: Foreign Ministry


China firmly opposes a U.S. report that made unreasonable assertions on religious freedom in China, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said here Wednesday. Media reported the United States on Tuesday issued its annual religious freedom report, calling out seven countries, including China, for serious problems in terms of religious freedom.
Spokesperson Hua Chunying told a daily news briefing that the report ignores the facts on religious freedom in China. “China firmly opposes it, and has lodged serious representations to the United States on the issue,” Hua said.
“We calls on the United States to respect the facts, mind its own business, and stop using the religion issue to intervene in other countries’ internal affairs,” she said. Hua said China fully respects and protects freedom of religious belief, and Chinese people of all ethnic groups and all regions enjoy religious freedom in accordance with law.
Commentary: Groundless U.S. religion report nothing but political tool to tarnish China WASHINGTON, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) — Washington has newly released an annual international religious report, which attacked China’s religious policies and status and kept listing China among “countries of particular concern.” The groundless assertions were nothing but a political bigotry held by the U.S. government.—Xinhua

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