China hails African participation in Belt and Road project


Our Correspondent


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China welcomes African countries to join the Belt and Road Initiative.
The initiative was proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping in hope for common development and common prosperity with countries that identify themselves with this proposal, said Wang at a joint press conference with his Madagascar counterpart.
This proposal is the most important cooperative concept China has offered to the world, as well as the most widely welcomed international public good offered by China, said Wang.
Wang said that cooperation within the framework of the initiative has seen a good start, is experiencing smooth development, has won positive feedbacks from over 100 countries and regions, and has achieved a large amount of early harvest results.
Wang said that the African continent was part of the ancient maritime silk road. If African countries are willing to join Belt and Road construction, China surely welcomes that, he said.
As a matter of fact, said Wang, China has already started to explore cooperation opportunities with a number of African countries, especially those on the eastern coast of Africa and has achieved positive progress in this regard.

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