China for joint action against terrorism


LATEST terrorist attack in France has evoked strong condemnation from all countries and believers of all religions but strangely enough a former Republican Speaker has suggested a ‘religious test’ for Muslims and deportation of those believing in Shariah law. President Barack Obama has rightly spurned the idea pointing out that terrorists are targeting and killing innocent people of all backgrounds and all faiths, including Muslims.
In this backdrop, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang on Sunday called for joint actions against terrorism to root out the global scourge adding that terrorism presents threat to all countries. Speaking at the 11th ASEM Summit in Mangolia, he suggested a way out by proposing that all countries should join hands in building a truly open, inclusive society, in order to wipe out the hotbed for terrorism. His remarks are quite relevant as some Western countries led by the United States are tackling the issue of terrorism in a jaundiced and highly biased manner. Terrorism is being linked to Islam and this approach and thinking is quite visible from the outrageous proposal of the former US Speaker who calls for deportation of those who believe in Shariah law, meaning that Islam was to be blamed for extremist viewpoint of some groups that constitute only a fraction of the Muslim Ummah. And what an irony that majority of these groups including ISIS are believed to be trained, supported and funded by countries including the United States and these are used as a ploy to destabilize Muslim states and portray Islam negatively. Similarly, the civilized world is almost ignoring political disputes involving birth right of Muslims as we see in Kashmir and Palestine and as a consequence there is strong resentment. Thirdly, we have seen both in Iraq and Afghanistan that there is no military solution to the problem and a comprehensive approach including fighting the menace on the ideological front was required but the United States is still preferring use of force, which clearly means it is not interested in peaceful solution and instead wants to perpetuate it for its own reasons. Fourthly, several countries especially Pakistan is trying to address the problem at its own level but the required regional and global cooperation is still wanting. As a consequence, the successes achieved by Pakistan are undermined by selfish considerations by some countries. Therefore, it is time to pay heed to the call of the Chinese leader and the issue should be discussed in a threadbare manner at UN level to formulate an even-handed strategy to tackle it effectively.

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