China determined to implement reforms in economy, climate sectors


Vice premier shares President Xi’s vision with B&R countries’ representatives
Zubair Qureshi


China has geared up its efforts against corruption and environment pollution since last party congress and had committed to do more in coming days, said Zhang Gaoli, first vice premier of China, here on Thursday.
Air pollution in Beijing has come down significantly but in winter the pollution level remains high due to some factors which will also be addressed soon, he said.
Addressing the participants of the Media Forum on Belt Road at the Great Hall in Beijing, the influential member of the politburo standing committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) also outlined the Chinese solution to ensure development in the countries included in the Belt and Road (BR) network. He said China has taken tougher policy to root out corruptions. From every spehere.
Quoting Chinese President Xi Jin Ping, he said China dreams to build a community of common destiny in a bid to ensure everlasting peace and prosperity in the world.
BR initiative launched by President Xi in 2003 is a mechanism to fulfil that dream to build a community of common destiny.
“We seek common development through mutual cooperation, shared benefits and consultations. China has rolled out the BRI where opening up, inclusiveness and mutual benefit are the main spirit,”.
The vice premier expect that media would highlight the achievements of the BR initiative through inform people of the development projects taken under this landmark programme. He mentioned that there are 40 million people in China who are still remain below the poverty line but Communist Party of China envisaged programmes to loft them out of poverty by 2020. Addressing the meeting, Yang Zhenwu, president of the People’s Daily, said this forum would play an active role in promoting the BR initiative. He hoped media would play its due role to enhance people to people exchange among the Silk Road countries so that a better future for people can be ensured through this landmark initiative. He said that the Media Forum on Belt and Road has emerged as the most representative and influential media event in the world. He particularly referred to projects being carried out in Pakistan under this initiative especially CPEC and others to address power and energy issues. Pakistan was represented by Masood Malik MD of state owned news agency. He thanked People’s Daily and the government of China for doing a great job and for bringing peace and prosperity in the lives of the people of all those countries that are situated along the Belt & Road projects and the Silk Road.

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