China demands India to stop using Dalai Lama to undermine its interests


China Wednesday demanded the Indian side to immediately stop using Dalai Lama to undermine its interest and not hype up sensitive issues between the two countries and take concrete steps to safeguard the bilateral relations.
“Arranging visits for Dalai Lama to the sensitive and disputed regions is not only contrary to the Indian commitment on Tibet related issues but it will also escalate disputes over the border areas between the two countries,” Spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hu Chunying said here at a regular briefing.
Responding to a question about Dalai Lamas current visit to Arunachal Pradesh, called South Tibet in China, on the invitation of Indian government, she said, this move is against commitments made by India regarding Tibet related issues, adding, “It will not benefit India anyway.”
The spokesperson said, India in disregard of China’s concerns, has invited Dalai Lama to visit disputed area in eastern part of China-India borders causing serious damage to China’s interest and China-India relations.
“The Chinese side firmly opposes this move and will lodge a stern
representation with the Indian side,” she added.
To yet another question, she explained her country’s position on China-India eastern borders policy and said, “It is consistent and clear.”
She said, India is clearly aware of the role played by 14th Dalai Lama against interests of China.
“China will firmly take necessary measures to defend its territorial integrity and legitimate sovereignty, rights and interests,” she added.
“We demand the Indian side to immediately stop using Dalai Lama to undermine Chinese interests, not hype up the sensitive issues between the two countries and take concrete steps to safeguard bilateral relations.”
When asked that Dalai Lama’s visit has a religious purpose, she said, Dalai Lama is not only a religious figure and his visit to the place is not for religious purpose, adding, Indian insistence to defend the arrangements of inviting him is not reasonable.
On United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution regarding nuclear and missile program of Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK), she said, “We are aware of relevant UNSC resolution.”
“We believe, at current stage, all relevant sides should practice restraint and do not do anything which could escalate the tension,” she added.
The spokesperson said, China has carried out a lot of efforts to promote peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, adding, “In order to fundamentally address the issue, we must adopt a balanced approach to address this issue.” She reiterated that China is ready to work with all relevant sides to achieve lasting peace and stability on Korean Peninsula. Responding to a query about deployment of THAAD missile defense system in Republic of Korea, she said, China’s opposition to the deployment is firm, consistent and clear. There is no change in this position.
She hoped that South Korean side would take Chinese concern into account and stop the deployment of the missile system.
About forthcoming China-US summit, she said, the two sides will talk about major international and regional issues besides discussing the bilateral relations.—APP

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