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China Cultural Heritage Week titled “Inheritance and Innovation Exhibition of Dalian Jinpu New Area Intangible Cultural Heritage” is in full swing here at China Culture Center. The exhibition featured art forms like Jinzhou Modern Folk Painting, Ceramic Handicrafts, Bird-Worm Seal Script, Dough Modeling and China Paper cutting. People visiting the exhibition thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of dough modeling.
“The exhibition very beautifully highlighted the cultural heritage of China,” said Dr. Fauzia Saeed at the event.
Artists who exhibited their work informed that with a history of 130 years, Jinzhou Folk Painting is now a comprehensive form of traditional folk elements and art presentation.
Using simple brushwork and intense color, it tells stories of romantic country life through modern art language and expresses the dream for better life of the painters.
Around 27000 years ago, people began to use the shape of bird and insect in the form of seal. 400 years ago, in Ming Dynasty, the founder of Jinzhou Bird-Worm Seal Script began his research on this special form of seal art.
While 150 years ago, a man called Ma Zhiyu became an apprentice in a ceramic factory. That is the start of the history of Jinzhou Ceramic handicraft.
After Years’ development, Dalian Jinzhou ceramic handicraft research center was established in 2010 and five patents for inventions, 150 design patents and many municipal and national prizes have been achieved after that.
Burned in 1970s, Dalian Jinpu New Area Modern Folk Painting was derived from the Chinese famous New Year Painting and Folk engraving, together with other folk elements such as paper cut, embroidery, folk painting, wall painting, glass painting etc. Pakistan Truck art was also displayed at the Exhibition.
Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Prof. Dr. Qasim Bughio expressed the hope that this cultural heritage week would prove a milestone in bringing both the cultures and men of letters closer. He said that culture of every civilization is considered significant as it defines the ways of living of human beings that could not be ignored at any cost.

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