China again defends Pakistan

WHILST India has broken all previous records of hostility by opening multiple fronts in recent weeks against Pakistan with the aim to malign Pakistan at the international level, it is a matter of great satisfaction that China, who has always proved to be a time tested friend, is once again standing firm as ever in its support for Pakistan. In response to Indian PM Narendra Modi accusing Pakistan of being a ‘mothership of terrorism’ at a summit of BRICs nations, the Chinese side sprang to our defence. While opposing the linking of terrorism to any specific country, ethnicity or religion, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson also reminded world of the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in fighting terror.
At a time when New Delhi is waging an all out offensive to defame Pakistan at the international level, the repeated supportive remarks emanating from China is a matter of great solace and comfort for the Pakistani nation. We are sure that these relations which always have withstood testing times, would grow to greater heights in time ahead as this relationship is not only reflected in all round cooperation but is deep rooted in the hearts of two peoples. While India is pursuing hegemonic agenda with the support of some powers, the multifaceted cooperation between Pakistan and China is the right course to foil the Indian sordid designs. At the same time, the initiative of sending special envoys to different countries on Kashmir issue should be carried forward with more vigour in order to expose the ugly face of India before the world. The selection of envoys should be done above any party consideration purely on the basis of merit and keeping in view track record of the person in diplomacy. This is vital to present Pakistan’s case more vehemently on Kashmir and Indian aggression. Similarly, the PM should also remain in touch with other important friendly countries including Turkey and those in the gulf in order to put diplomatic pressure on India.

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