China after 40 years

THE achievements attained by Chinese nation over the last
four decades are undoubtedly fabulous and that carries a
significant message, lesson for all developing nations as to how with relentless effort and hard work, leadership wisdom, courage and honesty of purpose challenges can be turned into opportunities and wonders can be done in the realm of economic sphere while bringing improvement in the living standards of people.
The other day, China commemorated the 40th anniversary of official beginning of its opening up to outside world and initiation of economic reforms that brought economic revolution in China. Chinese President Xi Jingping through his farsighted approach further geared up the process of reforms. In an important speech at a gathering in connection with the anniversary said his country would perform miracles that will impress the world in coming years. He stressed his country will stay on the path of socialism and uphold and develop it with Chinese characteristics saying this provides a broad pathway to advance with the times and steer the course of development. He also made it categorically clear that nobody is in a position to dictate to the Chinese people what should or should not be done. Being a sovereign and independent country, China like any other country has the right and prerogative to pursue the system its feels best for the people. As against the capitalism, in our view, good socialism has proved to be the most viable system to eliminate economic divisions in society and helps to create an equitable justice system ensuring fairness for all the people. The Chinese President in his remarks also vividly conveyed the message to those who are scared of China’s rise and development that the country will go ahead with its development plans.
The fact of matter is that unlike the western world, China’s main thrust over the years has been to achieve common development as well as closer ties with the rest of the world. Chinese President Xi Jingping in his speeches has also repeatedly stressed the need for inclusiveness, common development and efficient multilateral world. Belt and Road Initiative of President Xi of which the CPEC is an important component today has evolved into largest platform for international cooperation five years after its launch, epitomising China’s thinking concerning development, diplomacy, global vision and international responsibility. The Chinese commitment to the path of peaceful development is a sheer departure from old Western mindset of power resulting in hegemony. Its strong political will to seek shared benefits through consultation, collaboration and build a common community with a shared future for mankind is something that we appreciate as this is the way forward to achieve a more peaceful and prosperous world. Instead of pushing different regions into conflicts, this is the lesson that other important capitals also need to learn and realise in order to secure the future of entire humanity.
Pakistan is fortunate that it has a country like China in its neighbourhood that has no aggressive designs but believes in taking along others to reap the fruits of development. While learning from Chinese successes especially in poverty alleviation and job creation, our effort should be to stay more engaged with the Chinese friends at different levels and promote collaboration in sectors such as industries and agriculture to achieve self-reliance and get a rightful place in the comity of nations.

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