Child’s upbringing matters

Rameez Shahid

What is our coming generation up to? What are they doing with their lives? Why is it that everybody is cursing them even when they have not yet stepped into their practical life? And why is it that they have no sense of responsibility towards others and especially towards the country? All these questions have the same answer because their upbringing was not up to the mark. It is said that “children are like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression”. Then obviously what they see and what they hear matters a lot. It’s as if you tell your child not to tell lies and then commit the same sin in front of the child, and then you expect your child not to commit the same sin.
Why? We all know children are the ones who close their ears to advices but open their eyes to examples. So why can’t we set examples for them? Children are great imitators, so why not give them something great to imitate? It is up to us what we turn our child into, it’s up to us that we make our child a better human being with an improved sense of responsibility for the nation, motherland, fellow human being or we just make them senseless and feeling less self centred robots.

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