Children’s health is tomorrow’s wealth

Muhammad Sarim

Children have a special place in our lives. But a large number of these children are snatched away by death or become victim of certain incurable and disabling aliments. This highlights the importance of children’s health not only for their future well-being but also for the well-being of the nations which they belong. The investment in child health means improved social development, productivity and better quality of life. The focus on child health is a developmental issue at all times and for all countries as children’s health is tomorrow’s wealth. In developing countries the child must be protected, by all means available, from fatal diseases like diarrhoea, polio, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. This implies that primary health care in communities should be emphasised. The mother and children need to be placed in an environment that will ensure the health; this means providing clean water, disposing of waste, and providing better shelter. Also, there should be good food and proper nutrition not only for children but for their mothers too. Education has a fundamental role to play in every form of health promotion. The past decade has seen major advances in both the quality and quantity of school health education.

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