Child molestation

Javaid Bashir

Child molestation is quite pervasive in our country. It is ironic that parents hide such occurrences. Mostly predators are found within the family. They have easy access to the victims. Most of such cases go unreported. We must discourage inappropriate behaviour and monitor any deviancy. It is extremely important to protect the children, especially little children, who neither understand nor can protect themselves against abuse. It is duty of parents to check such abusive conduct and protect their children. They should talk and listen to their children’s concerns. Usually we watch our daughters and remain vigilant about their safety.
There is no set profile of a paedophile. Paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experience a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Recently a UK Court sentenced Mark Frost a school teacher for 45 counts for abuse of boys. He has been jailed for life. We cannot blind trust anybody with the care of children. The molestation or sexual abuse causes trauma and psychotic problems to the victim. We must give awareness about child abuse. The children must be asked to report any inappropriate behaviour of a person towards them. It can be touching, cuddling or rubbing. We must watch unknown men and women interacting with the children.
Parents must not leave the children with servants or strangers. We must know about persons interacting with our children. We must sympathetically listen to children’s concerns. We must build confidence in them. We must educate and train them against possible sexual abuse. The Question is how can we protect? We must not take such incidents lightly. We must nip the evil in the bud. Strong moral values and confidence be inculcated. We must stop child abuse at all costs.

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