Child labour in Pakistan

Child labour is a severe form of social injustice which our younger citizens have to suffer. In Pakistan, we can see children of all ages begging on the streets, sweeping roads, cleaning cars at traffic signals, etc. But no one is ready to take any action to save their lives and create a bright future for them as well as for country and nation. Child labour is a complex problem, which demands a range of solutions, there is no better way to prevent it than to give basic rights such as right to education, right to health most importantly right to identity which compel them to come in right direction.
According to the national child labour survey, approximately 3.3 million children below the age of 14 are working as child labourers in Pakistan. This includes both boys and girls, with the former forming 73 per cent and the latter 27 per cent of the child labour force. It is my humble request to government and responsible authorities to take a serious action to solve this issue as soon as possible.
Kech Turbat

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